Jokes about a desperated town

It’s the third day of this new semester. Today, I finally got to meet the teacher and classmates of an independent study course.

During the class, a classmate brought up a topic about Flint, MI. Well, I used to think this is a lovely small town since it is the hometown of one of my previous roommates. However, all I knew from this classmate today is that, this town actually became a place of high murdered rates.

“You will get a one out of nine chance being murdered if you choose to live there!”

Then, jokes were brought up on how to survive in there.

“Before you making a decision on living there. First, you got to check about your roommates, see if you can run faster than they do. Even if you cannot outrun them, you should make sure you can trip them! YOU CAN NEVER OUTRUN A BEAR!”

When classmates were laughing on the jokes. I was wondering what happened to Michigan. Before I going back to Ohio, I had read the news that Detroit was declaring bankruptcy and Detroit was a pretty dangerous place in the US on local newspaper in Shenzhen, China. But now, Flint? How many other towns in Michigan or Ohio are facing the similar situation?

It is really sad to see a town becoming this because of its financial problem. For Michigan, maybe that’s because of the falling down of automobile manufacturing. But for the booming real estate business in China, which was described as the biggest economic BUBBLE ever in human history by some experts, I hoped what happened in Michigan won’t be replayed in China.


LA Express

Sunshine, Coconut trees, Clean. That’s Los Angeles!

That’s my second visit at LA. On my way to my motel, I chatted with the cab driver who is from Hungary. She had blonde hair with a strong English accent and had her cab parked in a parking lot instead of the common expected place by tourists. To be honest, that made me feel unreliable when she said she was a cab driver and willing to drive me to my destination right out of the airport (without sitting in a taxi). She has been in US for 25 years, she can speak several languages, such as English, Hungarian, German and Russian. She said she had been to lots of cities, and she loves LA the best. She said she liked the way people live in LA, living alone (not close to any family member), driving to anywhere, meeting lots of International visitors and getting different cuisines from all over the world. Even though she expressed how much she loved this city, I still can feel that she lives a kind of busy life. “Work, Sleep, then Pay the bills.” Since I am from the place that housing price is ridiculous high, I ask if she owns a house in LA. “NO, NO! That’s impossible! But I keep staying in the same place, even the landowner raise the rent.” I was shock, even in LA, driving a luxury taxi, still have to live like this? This is just the way how people in Shenzhen or Hong Kong live. “Work, Commute, Sleep then Pay the bills.”

We also talked about food. She strongly recommend me not choose any GM-food. “Get organic food, although they are 3 times more expensive, it tastes really different and make me feel good and different.” “Do you know why there are so many fat people in US? Because they eat those poisoned food. Hungary is getting more and more fast food restaurants today, lots of young people are pursuing American lifestyles, and that’s not good.”

Lots of people are pursuing their favorite lifestyle all their lives by visiting lots of place and getting to know lots of people. Maybe after years, they might find that a simpler lifestyle is the best.

You will never know how HUGE a park can be until you are in Central Park

When I was in NYC, I visited Central Park three times. However, I only visited 2/3 of it.

The first time I visited Central Park, it was a nightfall when I just finished walking around the whole Chinatown and Little Italy in Manhattan. Since it was pretty late, I just walked through a corner of the park. However, beyond my imagination, carriage with horses pulling before was appeared. I was trying my best to figure out it was the year 2013 then because stuff like a carriage should be something be seen in 19th century before Model T was created. This was my first experience with Central Park.



For the second time I visited Central Park, It was a sunny morning. There were lots of food stands selling hot dogs, waffles, gyros, coffee, etc. around the Sherman Statue. Most of the food stands’ vendors were foreigners (at least have strong accents). The park was very beautiful in a sunny day. There were visitors feeding ducks beside a lake, musicians playing instruments. Something interesting was that there was a cowboy dressing guy playing John Lennon’s song next to the Strawberry Fields. That’s almost where I decided to end up my second trip and started taking a visit to the upper west.



For the third time, I forgot why I visited Central Park. Maybe it was because I failed to get into the American Museum of Natural History. It was a chilly afternoon, I stopped my trip along the reservoir. I found that New York City has a really great walkability and its totally different from a typical Midwest town.


A lonely Thanksgiving

As was introduced by a Texan when I was in Shenzhen, Thanksgiving Day is a day about family hanging out together, eating turkey, watching the parade and American football. Yes, it is true, however, not really a good day for foreigners, and for some Americans as well.

The campus was literally a ghost town on Thanksgiving Day. When I was walking around and trying to get some food, I did think about some scenes in The Walking Dead. Very unfortunately, all the stores were closed on this meaningful day, which started from the story that Native Americans giving food to the Pilgrim colonists who almost starving to death in their first winter on this new land. Maybe they do have a bad memory, because apparently Native Americans became their enemies afterwards. And on this Thanksgiving Day, all the dining halls were closed. Don’t they have any idea that they still got foreign students on campus? Therefore, I had to end up eating popcorn and donuts all day. What made it even more ironic was, Charlie Brown was serving his friends popcorn on TV when I was eating popcorn. By the way, the commercials on TV about Black Friday made me sick! Yes, buy more, and throw all the stuff away in the coming year and welcome to the malls again in the next Thanksgiving.

Hopefully this will not happen again.

American football game





Big 10 联盟(这是NCAA里头在中西部较有影响力的一个American football联盟,最牛的联盟是SEC):(学校/昵称)

  • University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign/Fighting Illini
  • Indiana University/Hoosiers
  • University of Iowa/Hawkeyes
  • University of Michigan/Wolverines
  • Michigan State University/Spartans
  • University of Minnesota/Golden Gophers
  • University of Nebraska–Lincoln/Cornhuskers
  • Northwestern University/Wildcats
  • The Ohio State University/Buckeyes
  • Pennsylvania State University/Nittany Lions
  • Purdue University/Boilermakers
  • University of Wisconsin–Madison/Badgers


美国体育和中国体育的差别,我感觉还是不小的。在美国,无论大城市还是中小城镇,都有球队能把居民给凝聚、串联起来,有比赛的日子往往就变成了一个城镇的节日。同时,我认为当地的体育活动也很好地促进了当地的经济及就业。而在深圳,有几个深圳人知道深圳有一个Shenzhen Ruby Football Team (soccer)呢?而Shenzhen Ruby的比赛观众席通常都是空荡荡的,即便免费也没多少人愿意去看。也许,时间能改变一切吧。